As a non-profit organization, if I told you FairShare could get you $6.5M worth of media for 2% of that cost, you’d think I was selling snake oil.


If you know media well, you may consider that $6.5M ratecard. But nope. That’s real media value ( the ratecard value was $17.5M)

The story starts over two years ago with a 60″ PSA we produced for a non-profit client, sold on the promise of ” not being your grandma’s PSA”. And it wasn’t. Stylistic, high production values, stylistically shot 60″ treatment, ready for TV.

A couple of months back the same non-profit client called to ask us to produce the next story. As delighted as I was to take the assignment, I was curious how the original work performed.

When the client showed me to broadcast logs, I was shocked. Through the last 24 months, the original 60″/30″/15″ had been transmitted 19,365 times, across 65 DMAs , reaching 319M gross impressions with a market media value of $6.5M. Not a bad return on $150k ( incl. distribution)

– 3 observations regarding PSAs:

1.) Despite the lack of clarity, between the FCC and the cable operators, all current cable operators transmit PSAs as part of their voluntary public service remit. Most run in daytime, late night and in local cable opt-outs.

2.) Broadcasters and cable networks have specific PSA schedulers, assigned to fill unsold commercial airtime availability, pulling from a library of available PSAs. Much of the decision-making process is subjective.

3.) Historically, most PSAs are low quality/ low interest produced stories that rely on repeated bombardment to have any effect. It’s quantity over quality. Schedulers are looking to hold viewer attention through the break, meaning, if you have a higher quality story, you are likely to get a disproportionate amount of plays.

– 3 FairShare recommendations:

1.) PSAs are hugely under-valued means of getting your message out the your community, at minimal cost. Do your homework- Understand the requirements and speak to reputable PSA distributors for advice.

2.) Avoid the temptation to scrimp on cost of production. Spend the money on producing a well crafted and produced story. We work with a truly epic freelancer community, who are eager to put their talent towards project with greater purpose.

3.) and avoid the temptation to beg in a world of sadness and despair. This is not what the direct response world will tell you, but PSA should be thought of more than a begging bowl for the lowest CPA. If the media is free, why would you not put it to good use to help build your non-profit brand?




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