Helping Leaders of Progressive Corporations
Become Brilliant Citizens of the World

Going on
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We’re living in an era of unprecedented uncertainty and change. The diversity of opinion on fundamental issues of importance sits on a knife’s edge between inclusion and extremism.

Are those we appoint to government office bringing us closer together or pushing us further apart?

Do governments reflect the diversity and inclusion of our society and environment we live in?

And, if not, where do we turn?

The Role of

Progressive businesses have a broader and more meaningful role to fulfill beyond the products we sell and the services we deliver. We have a fundamental role to leave our society and planet better than we found it.

As business leaders it’s up to us to choose how that role manifests itself in relation to the skills and expertise we are continually developing.


It’s no longer acceptable for the future of our planet and our people to be someone else’s responsibility. The people who joined our companies, the customers who buy our products and services, and the shareholders who hold us accountable are increasingly judging us on how we behave, who and what we support, and why.

We can do better and we can do it faster, more effectively, more efficiently, and with more accountability.

What We Do

We help leaders of progressive corporations become brilliant citizens of the world and achieve great things for us all.

Why We Do It

Because too much done in the name of corporate “good” is inefficient and disconnected. The right intentions get snarled up in the wrong strategy and the wrong expectations. And too often you don’t get the results you deserve – for companies, for partners, or for the people you are trying to help.

We help you get it right. For everyone’s benefit.

How We Get It Done

We know the NGO world. We know agencies. We know corporations. We know platforms. Our value is in developing programs and strategies that leverage them all, for the greatest good.

Without compromise. Without bias. Without self interest.

Are You
Doing Your
Fair Share?

Our Leadership Team

Eamonn Store

Eamonn Store
Founder & CEO

Growing up a passionate sailor, Eamonn chose an early career path as a Royal Naval Officer pilot, studying at Britannia Royal Naval College. Following a colorful but undistinguished Naval career, he found himself in London in the late 80’s immersed in the early evolution of media strategy and management, a career that continues to fascinate him today. Throughout the last 29 years, Eamonn has worked for a combination of global media networks and digital start-ups, widely respected for his ability to simplify the complex with an infectious ability to bring teams along with him on those missions that capture his imagination. As a committed internationalist with a strong passion for exploring different geographies and cultures, Eamonn has travelled over 80 countries through his professional career.

In 2014, Eamonn finally left his MEC family of 10 years to lead The Guardian as CEO, North America. During his almost three year tenure, the Guardian tripled its audience and commercial revenues in North America. More importantly, he crafted an editorial led business strategy, focused on attracting client partners who’s values and practices married with those editorial values of this fiercely independent 200 year old news brand

It was during his tenure at the Guardian that Eamonn drew inspiration from his many connections with individuals and NGOs passionately working for greater good. This inspiration led him to depart the Guardian in January 2017 to build a practice to help better connect leaders of progressive business with those who do good for the world.

This practice is called FairShare. It’s as much a passion as a practice.

Rachel Israel

Rachel Israel

Rachel is a true native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn. After college in upstate New York, she got a job at an ad agency in NYC, fell in love with the media business, and spent the next 20 years working with some of the biggest and best global brands in the world. Fifteen of those years, she spent at MEC, where she met and worked with Eamonn.

After 20 years, Rachel was looking for something different, with greater purpose. While at a retreat in the Sonoran Desert, Rachel heard a voice telling her that “change happens when the discomfort of the familiar outweighs the fear of the unknown.” Upon her return, Rachel resigned from her role as a WPP client lead and joined Eamonn at the Guardian US to lead Guardian Labs, the Guardian’s in-house content and innovation studio.

At the Guardian, Rachel led a team of creatives, journalists, strategists, designers, producers, and project managers to create award winning work for clients, without any compromise to the values of the Guardian.

Rachel left the Guardian in October 2016 to lay the groundwork for a crazy idea that would turn into FairShare.

Outside of work, Rachel and her husband Adam split their time between lower Manhattan and their house in the Hudson Valley, with their pack of animals.

Lucy Store

Lucy Store

After gaining a law degree, Lucy made the obvious choice to move into advertising and began her career as a junior account exec at DMB&B Financial London. She moved on to a marketing role for e-bookers, where she led the European brand and product marketing for 2 years and was eventually persuaded to join Carat in 2000, managing a number of high profile international accounts including BMG and SCA. It was working at Carat that Lucy met her husband, Eamonn.

In 2007, Lucy and Eamonn moved to the US, where Lucy focused her attention on raising three kids and various dogs while her husband travelled internationally with WPP, working those 15 hour days people in advertising seem to deem necessary.

More recently Lucy married her dedication to education and family, and began a career in pre-school education. When she isn’t drowning in children Lucy is a passionate champion for environmental protection, gun safety laws and equal pay.

Lucy is a voracious reader, Guardian supporter and a dedicated but novice yoga practitioner.