FairShare is 6 years old! Throughout those last six years, not a single project has come through our doors, we’ve not been excited for. Along this journey, we’ve been perhaps a little introverted about our thoughts and work.

Fairshare Turns 6

As we start our sixth year, we’re trying to be a little more extrovert and get a bit more social.

We always intended for FairShare to be a Marmite brand- with a proudly distinctive taste. And right now, we’re all at a point in time where the world needs more Marmite brands than ever, where standing for something really matters and brands need to hold their nerve and stop trying to be everyone’s friend. Don’t stand quietly. Stand proud. With passion, energy, optimism, and resilience. And hold steady for the long term. Not the quarterly jitters. Because resilience is about holding your nerve through the years, decades, and perhaps even a lifetime.

Here’s 10 themes we’re thinking a lot about. We’re going to share these thoughts in the coming weeks:

  1. Diverse Leadership Does Not Equal Change
  2. Embrace The Power of Few
  3. AI Is Our Frenemy. Get Over It
  4. It’s All About The G(overnance)
  5. Corporate Purpose Is Your Dad At The Disco
  6. The Future Is About Journeys, Not Campaigns
  7. There’s Nothing Humble In Humble Brags
  8. The Best Things Come In Small Packages
  9. Stop Trying To Be Everyone’s Friends
  10. It’s The Quiet Ones You Need To Watch Out For

More to come on these in the coming weeks. And we’ll flip the order of the topics depending on what’s going on right now. Finally, watch this space for our latest project. Exploring how to understand and advocate for non-verbal superhumans, living with full paralysis is, without a doubt, the most powerful project we have undertaken to date. The first installment drops on 21 June.

And a big thank you to those of you who have held us up and inspired our thinking thus far. You know who you are. And you are so greatly appreciated.

Big love and appreciation always.
– Eamonn & the FairShare crew

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