FairShare Turns 6!

by | May 26, 2023

So FairShare is 6 years old!  Which reminds me we are about 6 years late getting our social media  strategy sorted.
Doctors make the worst patients. We’ve been so busy with the work we haven’t had time.
Blah Blah Blah.
All that said, we’ve got some strong opinions to share. Not for everyone, but that’s the fun of the world today, right? Maybe it’s time to stop trying to be everyone’s friend. Stand for something. Not quietly. Loudly, with passion, with energy, and perhaps sometimes even a little anger. Less vanilla. More Chunky Monkey, with a liberal sprinkling of Fearless & Free toppings. Yep, that sounds about right.
Here’s 10 themes I’m mildly obsessed about, opinions of which will be shared in due course ( I promise).
1.) Diverse Leadership Does Not Equal Change
2.) Embrace The Power of Few
3.) AI Is Our Frenemy. Get Over It
4.) It’s All About The G(overnance)
5.) Corporate Purpose Is Your Dad At The Disco
6.) The Future Is About Journeys, Not Campaigns
7.) There’s Nothing Humble In Humble Brags
8.) Scale Breeds Creative Mediocrity
9.) Stop Trying To Be Everyone’s Friend
10.) It’s The Quiet Ones You Need To Watch Out For
I’ve always wanted FairShare to be a Marmite brand ( iykyk). I think we’re doing pretty well on that front. We only need a teeny tiny smidgeon of the business world to get us, to thrive. And every single project takes us deeper into a galaxy beyond our comfort levels. Watch this space for our  latest project, exploring how to interview non-verbal  super humans, living with full paralysis.
Finally a big thank you to those of you who have held us up and inspired our thinking thus far. You know who you are. And you are so greatly appreciated.
Big Love.
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